Looking for a way to practice all the theory you’ve been learning in classes?

At FST Lisboa you get the opportunity to work on a real-life application: producing a formula type car from scratch!

With great work comes great responsibility, so being keen on learning, persistent, creative, and a great team worker is essential to succeed.

During the year we lead several recruitment events, thus if this is who you are, then stay tuned!

We're recruiting new team members!

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  • The mechanical department contemplates the areas of aerodynamics, chassis, powertrain, vehicle dynamics and suspension. Responsible for designing, simulating and machining every non-electric component, being a team member from this department means you’ll master all things composites, programming, FEA, CAD and CFD.

    Altair, KissSoft, Solidworks, MatLab programming

  • One cannot have an electric vehicle without electronic expertise.

    This department covers three different study subjects: low voltage electronics, high voltage electronics and software development where programming, PCB designing and harnessing are everyday life tasks.

    GitLab, Partsbox, Altium, C programming, QT

  • Our management functions provide the support the team needs to succeed.

    Finance, Logistics, Sponsor Relations and Marketing are key subjects when it comes to sustainably leading a workforce and showcasing a brand whether next to sponsors or Formula enthusiasts.


    Edit & Design Software, Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft Project, Excel